28. Februar 2009

Alaunstrasse: Felix

26. Februar 2009

Dresden: blue&red

25. Februar 2009

Dresden: red accent

24. Februar 2009

Berlin: love those pants

23. Februar 2009

Berlin: layered

20. Februar 2009

Berlin: ...in the army now

19. Februar 2009

Dresden: Piroschka

"I was looking for red boots in a hungarian dancer style like forever, until I found these", she told me. I called her "Piroschka" which means "little red" in hungarian, and according to an old german movie with a very young and sweet Liselotte Pulver to whom she reminds me a little.
The way she combined contemporary elements like sweater, aquilted vest and denim skirt to create a modern version of a very traditional hungarian costume is just so adorable.

18. Februar 2009

Dresden: sunny white costume

17. Februar 2009

Berlin: in the mood for winter

16. Februar 2009

14. Februar 2009

Louisenstrasse: fly glasses

13. Februar 2009

12. Februar 2009

Dresden: the power of colour

11. Februar 2009


Once a month I am writing a little article for the JSC online mag:

10. Februar 2009

9. Februar 2009

Dresden: layered

8. Februar 2009

that was Berlin fashion week `09 - to be continued in summer...

And what happened inside?

Last but not least fashion week is all about what is shown on the catwalks, so if you wanna have a look inside, you can see all the shows and a lot of background informations on Berlin Fashion TV.

See them and get your own impressions- but never the less I give you my opinion about the highlights of the designers work.

C. Neeon : Eye-catching “cubistic” patterns, partly mixed with floral prints, presented on very cool cuts- that was the show of C. Neeon. These clothes aren´t glamouros in an obvious way- but extravagant in a decent and special way. For me they are like Berlin- never trivial but rarely flashy and very cool.

Kilian Kerner: Apart from the beautifully light and floating fabrics, I was mainly impressed by the great hairstyles: wonderfully curled or swept- back hair like a birds nest… just charming!

30 paar haende: 46 fashion design students of the FHTW in Berlin showed a very clear and straight collection with many beautiful details in subtle colours: black, white and grey. An impressive and very professionel students project. Chapeau!

Scherer Gonzales: This show was my absolute favourite - more art than fashion these two german designers showed magnificent luxurious clothes in allusion to a modern Mme Pompadour: wasteful materials, playful accessories, lacivious gestics and opulent robes accompanied with high-tension music. It was a fashion fairy tale that´s hard to describe- you have to see it!

7. Februar 2009

Berlin: fur, silk &pearls

Berlin fashion week: Premium

For the 13th time the international fashion trade show "Premium" was taking place within the fashion week in an old post depot in Berlin. A lot of people wanted to see what´s going to be the trends of the next autumn/winter season- so did I. My time was short and the halls were big and full of interesting stuff from luxury sportswear, international designer fashion to accessories and lingerie- you could find everything there. So I decided to focuse on some shoe styles because I think it´s always difficult to get the best idea of clothes (especially the cut and the correct fit) if it wasn´t for showing them on a real person. But in few words I would say that there are going to be a lot of luminous colours (as you can also see for the shoes) next winter.

Hunter boots


Pretty Ballerinas

There wasn´t only a big "denim area" where you could see all kind of clothes that one can make out of denim, the Premium Symposium focused on "Überdenim" as well. Prominent guests like the italian designer Elio Fiorucci discussed about the future of the most famous fabric: denim!
To me the most interesting question within the debate was about the future of fashion (and jeans) within the financial crisis and so there was especially one argument of Mr. Fiorucci that I still keep in mind: There has always been fashion! Even in the first years of the second world war when people were still trying to lead a normal life they were dealing with fashion- so even if a lot of consumers may not dispense their money for clothes as easy as in the past- they will spend money on good stuff. Quality will survive! What do you think? Will people buy more cheap clothes like H&M or continuing buying more expensive brands but less clothes in generally for the next time? I don´t know. Apart from the financial crisis- for myself I think once more it would be better to buy less clothes but therefore better quality. After all you should be really convinced when you buy a piece of clothes and be sure wearing it. Otherwise it becomes one more of those forgotten "clothes cadaver" that you can find in every womans closet!

Talking about quality I still want to mention the "green area", a special platform for fair trade brands within the Premium exhibition. It´s good to see that political correctness clothes musn´t be deadly serious- can even be very funny like this childrens shirt.
speak up-wear

6. Februar 2009

Berlin: basically black

5. Februar 2009

Berlin: violet

4. Februar 2009

Berlin: man´s clutch

3. Februar 2009

2. Februar 2009

Berlin: black elegance

I was just leaving in front of the shows on Bebelplatz when this girl passed by. I thought she was a member of the fashion crowd but it tourned out that she didn´t. Although she was one of my favourite shots. She had such an incredible aura and elegance and her look all in black seems just perfect to me.

Berlin fashion week

outside the shows on Bebelplatz